Skylight Installation


Add Value To Your Home

Skylights can improve your home's value and help you save on energy costs. With years of experience installing skylights, our contractors are able to foresee and prevent obstacles that may arise. Our reputation for quality and exceptional service is our most valued asset, and we are proud to be one of the highest rated skylight installers in the Pacific Northwest.

Save On Energy Costs

Skylights are an efficient and natural way of heating and cooling your home. By letting in sunlight, skylights can warm your home on cold days and reduce your electricity bill. During the warm summer months, skylights can provide cool ventilation without you having to turn on the A/C.

Brighten Up Your Home

Skylights are a beautiful way of naturally brighten your home and adding warmth to its atmosphere. You can enjoy a splendid view of clouds, rain, and stars all from your own private viewing area.

Why Choose Us

Courteous Skylight Installers


We understand having your skylight installed can be intrusive to every day life, but we do our best to minimize any disruptions.

Easy Scheduling

Easy Scheduling

We simplify the scheduling process for you by actively communicating any changes and keeping you informed on the progress.



We provide a clear and transparent scope of work which details step by step process of the installation of your skylight.

Hire The Right Professional

Skylights are difficult to install and come with great responsibility. A poorly installed skylight will leak and ruin the interior of your home. For the finest installation, we take steps to ensure a quality job.

The roof is measured and prepared before cutting. The roof shingles are removed and the roof deck is cut.

Skylight is carefully placed into opening. Galvanized roofing nails are driven through the skylight's flange and into the roof.

Underlayment and flashing is installed around the skylight to ensure there is no leaking of moisture or water.

Roof shingles are replaced and debris from the skylight cleaned up.

Skylight Installation
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