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Useful resources for homeowners on roofing and painting topics.

Common Roof Repairs and How Long They Take to Complete
Common Roof Repairs and How Long They Take to Complete

Roofs must withstand the constant beating of the sun, harsh weather, tree branches, and various other forces. How long does it typically take to repair a roof?

Best Affordable Roofing Designs and Materials
Building a Budget Roof: Best Affordable Designs and Materials

Building a roof can be extremely expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing and where you can cut costs without sacrificing functionality and beauty.

neighborhood of homes
How to Choose a Roof Color for Optimal Home Resale Value

Whether you want to make the right choice now to future-proof your home’s value and looks, or you’re getting ready to sell your house right now, choosing the right roof color can be a tricky and important decision.

the roofing process
Learn About The Roofing Process

The roofing process can seem like an arduous task, but we are here to walk you through every step to ensure that your roof is installed correctly the first time with the smallest impact to you home and daily routine.

safety for homeowners

Roofing Safety For Homeowners

It may seem like an easy thing to walk on a roof, but if you are not experienced with negotiating different pitches, then you should leave your roof to a professional and trust them to do a good job.

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