Low-Slope & Flat Roofing

Our Repairs Are Permanent, Not Temporary.

Dedicated To Quality

As low-slope and flat roofing experts in the Pacific Northwest, we're dedicated to bringing satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers. Our reputation for quality, excellency, and professionalism is our most valued asset. We're proud to have been serving our Portland community for over 20 years.

Installation & Repairs That Last

One of the most difficult roofs to install and maintain are low-sloped roofing systems. While many different materials are available, not every system is a good fit for every roof. Depending on your roof's design and layout, we will devise a solution that makes sense for the needs of your roof and budget.

Certified & Trusted

Our Customers and Community are the foundation that our company was built on. We value your time, investment, and trust and are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible.


Why Choose Us

First-Rate Materials

We use first-rate roofing materials from trusted suppliers to ensure your roof installation and repairs last for years.

Courteous & Convenient

We understand roof repair can be intrusive but we do our best to make it as convenient for you as possible. 

Continued Service

Our integrity and profound belief in service after the sale means that we're always available if something goes wrong.

The Flat Roofing Process

Before we begin repairs, we will perform a thorough inspection and assess your roof and damaged areas. If your flat roof is in need of a replacement, we will help you choose the best material for it. Once the inspection has been completed, we'll start the repair or replacement process. This can include partial or full removal of the old roof to expose the interior and underlying problem. We will then prep the surface for adhesive application. Once adhesive is applied to the deck both surfaces are mated for proper adhesion.The top of the membrane is then broomed to remove any air trapped underneath. Once membrane is fully installed trim is applied all around the edges. The last step is clean-up and making sure your roof service is to your satisfaction.



How do I know if I need to replace my roof?

If you notice any of these signs, your roof needs an inspection:
- A leaking ceiling
- Soggy, damp, or missing shingles
- Leakage in the attic
- A leaking chimney

How long should my roof last?

The lifespan of a roof greatly depends on the type of roof and materials used. On average, a roof should last 20 years.

How long will take to replace my roof?

Depending on your type of roof, the roof replacement process can vary in how long it takes. It's difficult for us to estimate without taking a look at your roof and determining the damage.

Does my old roof need to be removed?

Yes, we recommend completely tearing off your old roof before installing the new one. To ensure the best quality of repair, we need to address the root of your roof's problem. This can only be done once the old roof has been removed.

Can AC units be installed on a new flat roof?

Yes, most commercial flat roofs support the weight of AC units and it eliminates the need for ground space for AC units.

Can Solar Panels be installed on a new flat roof?

Yes, Solar Panels can be installed on your new flat roof. The flat design of the roof also makes the solar panels less visible from the ground level when compared to a sloped roof. .

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